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Our vision & values

Our vision & values

Most people operate their lives with two visions: one that gets them up everyday and one that directs their whole life. The same is true at The Oak. We have a daily vision of what it looks like to be part of The Oak - to walk out our faith in God with each other, and a vision that directs our whole life together - the big picture of the future that motivates us now.

The vision we work with is to be rooted in God, building a community and serving the world. We want to be a family of believers and unbelievers who are journeying together to be more rooted in the creator God through community, whilst serving this amazing world.

We like to dream. We like to dream because we feel God has given us faith to see a local gathering of The Oak in every part of West Leeds and East Bradford, that we'd be one church with local gatherings giving room for everyone to participate, everyone to serve, everyone to have the opportunity to lead and bless each other - the whole church being one family in many places. To be honest it's not a dream, it's just a matter of time.

As we look to 2020, we are united to run again toward Jesus and to be equipped to go with power in every part of life. We are working that out in three ways:

Intentionally united

The church is a body, a family, a people with a Head, a Father and a King. We are not individuals in a race against each other but a community gathering each other up, encouraging each other, carrying each other, cheering each other on, welcoming and sharing our faith to joyfully run with more and more people toward the prize - Jesus.

In our vision 2020 we want to run together, intentionally growing together, caring for each other and seeing each other grow. That means growing a culture of encouragement and joy rather than scepticism and individualism.

Intentionally running

The church has one prize, there is only one on whom we fix our gaze - Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah. God has exalted Him higher than any other and the Spirit testifies to His greatness. We run to our Father, we run to the Spirit, we run to the Son.

In our vision 2020 we want to run toward God. So much vies for our attention, we want to run together to Christ, intentionally positioning the church to be fully dependent, expectant and released by God - full of His power, full of His grace and full of His love.

Intentionally equipped

To go. To love. To serve. We are a people not standing at the start line or at the finish line but on a race together. That means we have a purpose. We have a mission. It’s not ours - it’s God’s - we are joining His mission: To make, baptise and train disciples of all nations - for the glory of God! We are equipped for this mission not by our own strength but by the Holy Spirit - God himself!

In our vision 2020 this means intentionally going - although that often means staying! Going means opening our eyes, expanding our hearts to see the world as God does. To love those around us, in our families and workplaces in ways that demonstrate the Kingdom of God in tangible ways.


Our vision is worked out locally and globally

Locally we are investing in our local communities, investing in our City and investing in our friendships, families and workplaces.

Globally we are partnering with churches in the UK and the nations of the world, so that God would expand our understanding of His desire to see the whole world rooted in Him. We are partnering with churches right across the world, specifically Mosaic Church and the network of churches emerging around their leadership, City Church Newcastle and our friends planting a church in East Hull. Wider afield we are working with a group of churches in East Ukraine and Northern India under the leadership of The Catalyst group of churches. Practically this means we are connecting with churches financially and practically but also by sending and recieving teams, developing friendships and relationships and working together in bringing God's Kingdom to the nations.


Generous living

We want to be a people who intentionally give of ourselves generously; serving and blessing God and the communities around us. Part of this generosity is through our finances, the giving of our money to the life of The Oak and to others as they have need. We don’t ask that you tithe or give a specific amount of your income – we ask that you seek God and give generously and cheerfully, living to serve God and others and challenging each other on how you can give and bless God and others more. For more information on how to give please click here.