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Life Groups

Life Groups

When things go well or life is tough, everyone turns to a few close friends. Life Groups are groups of two or three people who gather together regularly to build friendship, encourage each other in their relationships with God and pray together. For more information on our Life Groups, please ask someone at The Oak about their Life Group or email

What happens in a Life Group?

Firstly, find a time and a space that works for those in the group to be open and honest and maybe a space to pray. Anywhere from a lounge to a pub will do.

Secondly, use your time to see how each of you are doing and how you can pray for each other. Life Groups aren't a counselling session, they are peer-led accountability and prayer groups. Give each other the space to talk and ask questions that open up the situation and help the person speaking understand the situation more for themselves rather than offering advice or figuring out the problem for each other.  Spend some time looking at:

1. Loving God

Ask each other questions to find out how each of you are investing in your life with God and encourage each other in this. Questions like: When do you feel most connected to God? Have you fed from God's word this week? Is anything stopping you from spending time with God?

Use a book, bible reading study notes, or small group material to help you have some structure and questions to ask each other if that would be helpful.

2. Loving His Family

Do something together. Pray, eat, walk, hang out. Whatever you do, build your friendship so you are in a place to share the deep stuff. Take the lead, don't rely on another Life Group member to organise it, get on and make it happen. We find the groups that are thriving are the ones that pick a time and day each week or every other week and make their lives fit around it. For example, say "let's meet every other Tuesday at 6.30pm for one hour" or "lets meet once a month on the first Thursday lunchtime for two hours" or "let's play squash together then get breakfast every Saturday morning at 9am" - the time and location don't matter, but regularity helps.

3. Loving His World

Ask each other how you're putting others first, who you can pray for and who they are investing time with. Some groups spend time serving people together or serving the church in some way (worship, hosting, children's work). Join an Community Group together and bless people. Spend time praying for those around you, their needs, their potential walk with Jesus.  

Keep it moving, keep it fresh, change things around, be honest.