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What we do:
Pastoral Care

The Church is a family, a family that cares. 

Our aim is to support and care for people with the same heart of compassion and kindness as Jesus.  We want to love God and love each other by encouraging everyone in their Christian life, regardless of age or spiritual maturity.

Life groups & Oak Communities:
In terms of pastoral care, Life groups & Oak Communities are the main place of care and support as we share life together, disciple each other, grow in God, and get stuck into the mission God has for us. Please visit the Life Groups or Oak Communities section of the website for more information about our Groups.

Visiting Team
Various members of the church take time to support those who are ill, or house bound and in need of encouragement.  Please contact an Oak Communities leader or a senior leader for more information or to request a visit.

Pastoral Team
If a member of a Life Group or Oak Community requires support outside of the Group (eg. mental health issues, relationship support, counselling, homeless issues) the Group Leader can call upon expertise through the senior leadership Team.

Prayer Ministry
We believe, passionately and whole heartedly, that prayer ministry is not confined to leaders but for the whole church lead each other in – The Holy Spirit is always present to equip, heal and make whole.  Prayer ministry is offered across the church at all our gatherings and groups. 

Counselling Centre
We are in the process of setting up a small counselling service at the Oak which will support people within the church and the local community.  We are working with Wellspring Counselling and Training Centre in Harrogate and The Association of Christian Counsellors to gather the information and knowledge we need to facilitate a counselling service using voluntary qualified counsellors.  We hope to have the Counselling Centre open in 2018.