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Leeds School of Theology

Leeds School of Theology

The Leeds School of Theology is open to all and is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to gain a greater knowledge of God, Scripture and theology. The school is a collaboration of churches across the city, the region and the nation, working together to grow and mature the churches we are a part of through theologcial training.  

The course will equip, empower and inspire you to think theologically and to read, study and apply God’s Word in a deeper and life transforming way. It is accessible to everyone; simple enough to be grasped, yet deep enough to be challenging. Students are encouraged to ask questions, challenge assumptions and think for themselves. It provides a safe and nurturing environment in which students can have their thinking stretched, grapple with issues and grow in their faith.

The Leeds School of Theology gives you a solid grounding in biblical theology, a deeper understanding of church history and an opportunity to grow in your own personal sense of calling. If you are hungry to go deeper into God’s Word and theological study then don’t miss this opportunity.


If you're part of The Oak and would like to take part in the course, please get in touch with a member of The Leadership Team as we would like to support you in your study.

For more information on the course, head over to the website.