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Please use this page to help you pray into the life of our church family, the cities we live in and the nations of the world over the coming month (May 2019).


Our church community

  • Pray for Treehouse and the kids in our church. Pray that they encounter God and come to know Him as their father! Pray for the team as they serve and engage our kids.
  • Pray that we would all grow in love for God and his people and are led by him this month.

Our cities - Leeds & Bradford

  • Pray for Connect Lunch as we welcome and engage with many from our community.
  • That the cities would flourish and prosper.

The nations

  • Pray for the UK. For peace in our politics and nation.
  • Pray for wisdom and resources for our family of churches in Ukraine led by Andrey and his team.
  • Pray for a nation where Christians are persecuted: This month we pray for Pakistan.
  • For more information on the persecuted church, click here.