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Family Resources:
The Nest

Welcome to The Oak Church Family Resources Page.  We hope the information and resources you find here will inspire and grow you, your children and the wider community. You can filter which resources you can see using the buttons below.

God made me!

03rd January 2019

This term we will be looking at how God has made us fearfully and wonderfully. We will be looking at our bodies and our senses to see how amazingly God has created us all. We will be singing lots of songs, reading a new story and doing some fun activities.

We are constantly amazed at how much even the youngest child can understand and learn about our wonderful God. In our first full term of running the Nest, already we have heard so many stories of our children continuing to talk about God, repeating the stories they have heard and singing the songs they have learned.

As a team we would love that to carry on this term, we want to help encourage parents in new and exciting ways to talk to their children about God and how He has made us. We are also hoping this Family Resources page will help everyone not to just do this on a Sunday, but all through the week, so we can help our little ones learn more about our amazing Creator!

Creating a fun space

22nd October 2018

Inspiring parents and creating a fun space for 0-2 year old, the new Nest is a safe space to encounter God together with your child.  We will be providing some simple activities each week based on a story and with the fun of an accompanying song. Whilst the song and story will be led by one of our team, the rest of the morning is really in your hands as you take the opportunity to encourage your little one in their first steps of discovering the grace and wonder of God.