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23rd May 2021View past Sundays

Bookings have now closed to join us in person at our building for 23rd May 2021.

If you'd like to join for next week please check here from Monday morning, or email for more information. We'd love to see you!

Hi. We hope you enjoy catching up!

Welcome and thank you for joining us. If this is your first time at The Oak, hello, we hope you enjoy our time together today.

Our plan today is to start by worshipping together (song words will be on-screen). After that, there'll be a time of prayer and news, followed by a short talk.

There are materials on this page for our 0-3's (The Nest), Preschool to Year 6 (Treehouse) and Year 7+ (Oak Youth) to help the whole family grow together.

Happy Sunday, see you at 10.30am!

You can also catch up to all our talks via our podcast here.


Catalyst Festival Online

Next Sunday we'll be joining the hundreds of churches across the world who are part of the Catalyst family for the Catalyst Festival Online. We'll be sending out details over the coming week or you can get all the details online here. We'll be steaming all of the Sunday morning content to The Oak's building and into the marquee - including the kids session (starting at 10am) and the main morning session (starting at 11am). Why not bring a picnic along and enjoy the morning together?

Church Family Meeting

On 13th June at 7:30pm we'd love to invite all those who call The Oak Church their home to a church family meeting to update you on the direction we are heading in. You can join us either in person or on Zoom.

Staycation - SAVE THE DATE

We hope to have a Staycation later in the year on the 16th October. Please put the date in your diary!

7:7 Prayer

Join us at 7am each weekday on Zoom for 15mins of prayer reflection - praying for our cities, the nation and the nations. Click here for more information.

Ways to connect

Click here to see all our community WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

Family resources

You can view all of our resources by clicking here, including content from previous weeks, songs, videos and recommended books!

The NestGod’s Wonderful World Week 5

This term in the Nest we are learning about the world around us to help us remember to be thankful for all the wonderful places God has created. This week we are looking at the Jungle!

Verse ‘I will give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonderful deeds.’ Psalm 9v1

Book Five Minute Bible Stories by Fiona Boon & Hayley Down (pages 71-91) (see link here). Tamsin, one of our fantastic Nest team, has recorded a video of this term’s book including a Makaton signed story and song (see link here).

Songs Who’s the king of the jungle - Creator God - If I were a butterfly - Praise the Lord - When I look (see the videos here) - Father God (to the tune of Old MacDonald, lyrics below, have a go at making up more verses with your child about other things you can find in the Jungle).

Father God made the world, E-I-E-I-O,

And in the Jungle He made some trees, E-I-E-I-O

With a sway sway here, and a sway sway there etc.

Activity Make your own Jungle ‘swamp’ (see example and full instructions here) by mixing washing up liquid and a little bit of water with a whisk/blender/electric mixer. You can then add food colouring if you’d like to. The foam is fun to play with at this point but if you’d like to make it more ‘swamp’ like then add some baking powder to the mix. You can then let your child add some squirts of vinegar to the ‘swamp’ to make it bubble. If you have any swamp creatures such as alligators, snakes etc then you can add these too. As your child plays remind them that God made the swamps in the Jungle and we can thank God for the wonderful Jungle.

TreehouseFruit of the Spirit - Self Control
Preschool - Year 6

We have reached the final session in our Fruit of the Spirit Series - Where we have learnt about how we recognise God in our every day lives. 

Today we have Lucy talking to us about Self Control. Check out the video to see some friendly faces, and to watch the challenge. 

Game 1: Donut challenge 

You will need a sugar donut (or something sugary) to have a go at the challenge youself. The aim is to eat the donut without licking your lips - using self control to stop yourself. 

Game 2: Giggle game 

Choose someone to be on, they have to stand in the middle of the room and try not to laugh, while the rest of the family attempts to make them giggle. You cannot touch them, but can make silly noises and pull faces. 

 Questions for discussion

• Can you think of some times in life when we shouldn’t laugh?

• Eating is fun, like laughing is fun, but there is a time to eat and a time to stop eating. When is it time to stop eating?

• Playing is fun. But when Mom or Dad say it is time to stop, it can be tempting to continue. When is it time to stop playing?

 • Chasing around and being silly is fun, but there is a time and a place for silliness


Fruit of the Spiriti song 


You are Good 


1. Can you make a ‘self – controller’ using a small box or some card, foil to make it shiny and stickers to create the buttons. 

James 1:19, NLT: "Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry."

2. Can you make a set of traffic lights, with ideas on for when you need to stop and think about using self-control?

3. Can you reflect back on all the fruits of the spirit – and Create a Tree with them on. Be creative and see what you can come up with.

Why not share what you've been up to on the Treehouse Parents Facebook Group?

Oak YouthHow and why do we pray?
Year 7+

It’s week five of the Youth Alpha course & this week we will be looking at ‘How and why do we pray?’

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Ask your siblings, friends and other family members which super power they would choose? I know what I’d choose!

Why not have a read of some or all of the following verses in the bible & get to know some of the prayers prayed in the bible by people like Jabez - 1 Chronicles 4:10; Jesus - Matthew 6:9-13; Jonah 2:2-9; David - Psalm 3 & Hannah - 1 Samuel 2:1-10.

I cannot wait to talk about prayer with you all this week! We’ll be on zoom, usual time - 7-8:30pm Ish. See you then, much love.


P.S. We’ll also spend some time chatting about what the next half term looks like for us as Oak Youth.