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Family Resources:

Welcome to The Oak Church Family Resources Page. We hope the information and resources you find here will inspire and grow you, your children and the wider community. You can filter which resources you can see using the buttons below. These resources are created each week as part of our Sunday Gathering at The Oak, click here to join us live at 10:30am each Sunday.

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Big Questions - Does prayer change anything?

29th August 2021

Yes yes and yes … Prayer changes everything!

Your prayers are powerful

Your prayers can change people’s lives

Your prayers can change this world and change you!

We are called to pray!

We won’t stop!

We can’t stop!

As our prayers go up – it’s Jesus who provides!

This video was about ending World Poverty but whatever is in your heard and mind I was to set you a challenge to pray about it!

Maybe you want to pray for someone who is sick, but not just once, but again and again! With faith until they are well!

Maybe you want to pray for someone who is sad, mad happy or glad.

Maybe you want to pray for someone to find Jesus?

Maybe you want to pray for people without homes?

Maybe you want to pray for your friends at school?

I ask you today – to choose to pray! Even when you feel nothing is happening. Jesus hears your prayers and listens! Does prayer change anything? Absolutely yes!


Motions - The Lord's Prayer 

 Something Good

God's great dancefloor 

Big Questions - What is Worship?

22nd August 2021

Is worship just singing songs?

Is worship telling God his is good?

Is worship being good?

Let’s see what we can learn about worship by watching the video



Who you say I am 

Unstoppable God 


How do you show God you love him?

How do you love others?

What could we do to worship God this week?

Big Questions - Does God really love me?

15th August 2021

Do you know how amazing you are! Seriously – You I mean you!

No matter what God loves you – we don’t have to do anything more or less for God to love us!

Watch the video to find out more about this question. 


God so Loved 

I am yours 


Can you find these verses in the bible :

 Isaiah 54:10

Ephesians 1:5-6

1 Chronicles 16:34

Stories & songsWatch all

We sing songs and tell stories in all our Sunday gatherings of children and young people and encourage our families to sing and tell them during the week. (Double click once you've pressed play to put the video into full-screen.)


Who I wanna be

For All My Days

Just Dance with Forgiveness by TobyMac

Just Dance with Jesus You’re My Superhero by Hillsongs Kids

Best Friends | Hillsong Young and Free - Christian Just Dance

Britt Nicole - Pave - Christian Just Dance

Happy Day - Lyric Video

The King is Coming

Echo - Elevation Worship

Raise A Hallelujah - Motions

You are Good

Chasing Me

This song reminds us that Jesus is always chasing us, persuing us and loving us! "Your never gonna stop, never gonna stop, never gonna stop chasing me!" 

All of Me

Can you copy to moves to this song, showing that we want to give everything we have to God?  "I'm givin' you all of me!"


A beautiful, calming song that children can copy the moves to and help them lift their voices - Telling Jesus they will trust him! 

This is Living


Reckless Love

When I Look Up

Every Move I Make

There is Power in the Blood

I Believe

God Suit On



Shine...from the inside out.  Go on, get dancing!

Our Easter Story

Check out this super cool Retelling of the Easter story...told by kids.

Father you are King of heaven

A great song that kids in Treehouse are really enjoying at the moment. They are really enjoying making up their own actions for it too!

My lighthouse

A great bouncy version of this Rend Collective classic for kids!


There are some huge lyrics in this song.  Rend Collective at their best.

One way

One way, Jesus!  What a song.  Enjoy the boogie to this one.

Here’s my heart Lord

Our own actions to a fab song of devotion and commitment to Jesus.

Lion & the Lamb

Air guitar, roaring lions and bleating sheep - what a song!

My God is so big

This is an epic song that Treehouse love to belt out at full volume!

You make me brave

The Holy Spirit fills us and makes us brave.  Let's sing about it!

King of my heart

A great song we sing in Treehouse about God being the King of our hearts.

Good Good Father

Check out the song Good Good Father.  We also sing this one together at our Sunday Gatherings.

Nothing is impossible

A great song we use in both Treehouse and The Nest.

Books & resourcesView all

There are so many resources available for us to use to help our families grow in God together. Here are a few that we have found helpful.

Five Minute Bible Stories

This is a new book we are using in the Nest for our 'Easter', 'Christmas' and 'God's wonderful world' sessions. A perfect Bible for young children, filled with great retellings of Bible stories that everyone will love.

Buy on Amazon

Noah’s Ark

A fantastic book we are using in the Nest for our 'Noah's Ark' sessions. It is a bright and colourful retelling of this well known Bible story, which is very suitable for young children.

Buy on Amazon

My Very First Prayers

This book is designed to help teach young children how they can talk to God. With fun rhyming text and beautiful illustrations, it describes how, where, when and why we should pray.

Buy on Amazon

The Story of Easter

The story is told in rhyme and uses beautiful illustrations to engage and inspire little minds as they explore the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Buy on Amazon

This Is Easter (Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts)

Introduce your little ones to Jesus and the true meaning of Easter through colourful images and rhyming text. This captivating book draws you into the story of Jesus - from telling fishermen to "come and follow me!" to giving His life on the cross. Perfect for toddlers, this engaging little book shows how Easter is all about God's amazing love!

Buy on Amazon

God Knows All About Me

This is a new book we are using in the Nest for our 'God made me' sessions. Using fun, engaging rhyme, this book shows our little ones from an early age that God knows everything about them. It goes through the different parts of the body and feelings and reminds us that whatever happens 'God knows all about me'!

Buy on Amazon

God Loves Little Me

Another book we are using in the Nest for our 'God made me' sessions. This short board book reminds us of some of the things God loves about his creations, complete with actions for children to join in with.

Buy on Amazon

This Is Christmas (Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts)

With lovely pictures and rhyming text, this book helps toddlers learn the true meaning of Christmas. Based on Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem, this adorable book leads young children straight to Jesus - the best gift of all!

Buy on Amazon

God Made Me This Way

We loved naming all the animals in this book in our Nest sessions about creation. From a monkey's swing to a zebra's stripes, God made all of us just the way we are! Using adorable animals, this book explores how fearfully and wonderfully God has made all of His creations.

Buy on Amazon

Stories Jesus Told

We have used this book in the Nest and the stories are fantastic for young children. With delightful illustrations and easy to read text, these simple, short and often funny stories are great for sharing truth with our children.

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Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story

Dr Luke has a story to tell. It's a super incredible, massively, mind-boggling totally AMAZING, absolutely awesome, epically HUGE story. Luke wrote down everything that happened because he wanted everyone, everywhere in the whole world to hear what he had to say.Luke's story tells you who Jesus is, what he did, the people he met, all the super interesting things he had to say, and it has a pretty jaw-dropping twist right at the end...Diary of a disciple: Luke's story is a contemporary retelling of Luke's Gospel. Written in a quirky, contemporary, accessible style, Diary of a disciple offers a way into the Bible for the next generation.

Buy on Amazon

Diary of a Disciple: Peter and Paul’s Story

Sheep falling from the sky, bald heads, fiery heads and wrinkly noses, boys falling out of windows, people throwing rocks, storms and shipwrecks, prisons and fish biscuits?! How could all of this be part of just one story? Well. Dr Luke has a story to tell a story about a man called Peter and a man called Paul. It s a totally epic tale, a stunning super-saga, a page-turning, jaw-dropping dazzler of a yarn and it s all here, in one book, just waiting for you to get stuck in... Diary of a Disciple: Peter and Paul s story is a contemporary retelling of the book of Acts. Written in a quirky, contemporary, accessible style, Diary of a Disciple offers a way into the Bible for the next generation.

Buy on Amazon

The NCV Youth bible

The New Century Youth Bible, first published in 1993, has consistently been among the top three selling Bibles in the UK.  Contemporary and easy to read, with lots of great explanatory notes and 'extra' bits to help young people relate the word to school, home, relationship issues etc. Ideal for any young person from around the age of 11 years, through the teen years and beyond. Boys might prefer the alternative colour cover design available here.

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The Jesus Storybook Bible

This children's bible is told in 44 stories- 21 from the Old Testament and 23 from the New Testament and is a firm favorite here at The Oak.  Every story links to the ongoing plan of God's "Never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love." It does this by linking every bible story to Jesus's death and resurrection.

"I like this Bible because the stories are long enough for a 9 or 10 year old not to feel patronized, but explanatory enough for a 5 year old to understand."

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Action Bible

This is a great bible for children and younger teens to enjoy the bible through the use of a comic strip.  It doesn’t mince its words and with 200 stories doesn’t shortcut some of the more difficult stories.

“We’ve found this to be so helpful for our boys, they’ve enjoyed it so much and have read the whole thing several times.” Chris & Lisa Mason

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