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A base for mission…  ...the story so far…

A base for mission…  ...the story so far…

Posted by Chris Mason
on 16th January 2015

In October 2014 we put some faith goals before the church for the next 18months focused around the phrase 'Gathered To Jesus'.



We wanted to ask God for the faith to dream the impossible!  To see a base for mission established in West Leeds / East Bradford, to see 10 people come to know Jesus and to grow as a church to 100 - all impossibly big goals only achievable by God - so we got praying.

In November we went to see a property that was built as a sunday school 180 years ago.  At the church prayer gathering on the following Monday we asked God to open or shut the door.  Within 24hours we had been pledged £140,000!  The door was indeed opened.

Then on two Sundays at the end of November we took a special offering which has totalled more than £67,000 with a further £6,500 pledged for 2015!  Then another £10,000 came in specifically for PA and AV systems - seriously, God is incredible!

The door is wide open.

Since then we have been in conversation with Isabelle, the owner, over what we would like to use the building for (serving the community, providing care and support to those in need, gathering as a church and a ton of other things!) and what price we'd like to pay for it.  

We've also had the privilage of working with the Mosaic Church Trustee Team, who oversee The Oak's operations, to put in place projections and plans to fully steward the process and funds God has so abundantly provided.

Last Monday, 5th January 2015, we had an offer accepted of £295,000.  

So, this week?  Change of use applications, mortgage applications, valuations, solicitors and drawing up plans are all in now process.

Keep an eye out here for what i hope will be a bi-weekly update as to the incredible journey we are on.

Oh, did i mention that three people have given their lives to Jesus at The Oak in the last three months, I've (Chris) come on staff full time and Lucy Pitkin has started working part time with our social action projects (we recieved a further £10,000 trust funding for her role!)?

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