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Communion at The Oak - Part 1

Communion at The Oak - Part 1

Posted by Chris Mason
on 20th November 2017

I can remember sharing in communion as a new believer for the first time.  It was special, it was reverent, it was challenging and it was joyful.

Over the years at The Oak, we have taken communion in varying ways and with varying consistencies – sometimes in deep profound moments and sometimes very flippantly.  We have always held it as an integral and important part of our life together but have not had a clear way forward in bringing a consistent approach, often tagging it on at the end of a part of our service with little explanation.  This has served some but by no means all of those present at our gatherings.

As a Leadership Team, we have put together a small working group to begin looking at Communion with an aim of bringing some shape and guidance for the future.  Our aim is to bring an introduction and brief explanation of communion, answer some frequently asked questions, and give some direction as to how we take communion together in our corporate gatherings, our small Oak Communities sized gatherings and in our Life Groups.

In the short term, we have made some immediate changes to communion at our corporate gatherings addressing frequency and content.  We are now taking communion once a month on a Sunday morning and once a month at Fuel, our Sunday evening prayer gathering.  We have also adopted a sister churches structure as a temporary guide to communion whilst we prepare our own.   

We believe that communion is a powerful, God present, moment in the life of the church and should be taken with love and gratitude to God and to each other.  

If you’re part of The Oak, we would appreciate your prayer in putting together this document.

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