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Some summer reading…

Some summer reading…

Posted by Chris Mason
on 18th July 2014

As we head into the summer i thought i'd make a suggestion of a few books you might enjoy, be challenged by, or get truly stuck into.  Here goes:

Redemption - A brilliant book to work through in Life Groups or by yourself as a way of bringing Jesus into the place he deserves and addressing some of the things that stop him being first in your life.  Lisa and I have loved this book and are reading it with others.

Ruth: Under the wings of God - an incredible poem written by John Piper on the story of Ruth.  This book is incredible in it's ability to draw you into the story and link the generational, socio-economic and political scenarios surrounding Ruth and her family.

Encounters with Jesus - as with all of Tim kellers book, this book leads you to Jesus in a beatifully written, solidly theological and tangibly challenging way.  Encounter Jesus.

Jesus through middle eastern eyes - Lisa is really enjoying this book!  It is drawing her to Jesus and building her understanding of the person and divinity of Jesus, the culture he lived in, and the intention of the gospel writers in communicating his life - it is a trule fantastic book!  If you want to study Jesus this summer - read this.

I hope you have a fantastic, spirit-filled, restful summer - whatever it looks like for you



PS. in case you're interested, here are the books i'm trying to read this summer both for my own personal development and my leadership:

Who do you think you are by Mark Driscoll

Jesus is greater than religion by Jefferson Bethke

The dudes guide to manhood by Darrin Patrick

Acts for everyone - Tom Wright

Facing leviathan: leadership, influence and creating in a cultural storm by Mark Sayer

and finally, this one i'll read bits of... Great Doctrines of the Bible by Martin Lloyd-Jones


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