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This Sunday we have an offering at The Oak.

This Sunday we have an offering at The Oak.

Posted by Chris Mason
on 11th March 2016

We take ‘special offerings’ in order respond to steps of faith as God leads us or to provide support during crisis around the world. These are opportunities to give over and above the regular generosity so characteristic of The Oak.

This year, in order to grow our staffing and resource the new building we are looking to raise an extra £8,500 from our weekly and monthly giving at The Oak with a ‘Special Offering’ of a further £16,000 to invest further in our staffing and resourcing of our social action projects and our children's work.

These are big figures, but God is doing something through us as a people that is pretty huge.  Who would have thought that He would have led us to purchase 54 Bradford Road when we were so small? And yet He did! And He is growing us! 

On Easter Sunday we will be baptising four people who have come to know Jesus in the last six months, there were 27 children in Treehouse on one Sunday morning and we fed 40 people from the church and the wider community at our Connect Supper a few weeks ago.  God is doing something truly incredible in us and I'm so excited! I'm up for seeing more of what He might do in the coming weeks and months and years.

It is a joy to be part of a family that loves Jesus, that cares about our community and loves to serve one another.

So, this Sunday and next there’ll be an opportunity to give and to pledge with joy to what God is doing.

The Special Offering will help us to employ a Treehouse worker for a day a week for 18 months (where we’ll then absorb the salary into our general funds and continue the role) and resource our Treehouse with some practicals like seating and outside spaces.  It will also help us to finish the long room downstairs (and finish a couple of other areas) and develop our staffing so that we can run foodbank sessions, job clubs, run training programs, re-start the supported volunteers scheme training and support people back into work alongside many other things.  

As we meet the very practical needs of those living in isolation and poverty on our doorsteps, God is using us to do so much more. He is calling us to show His love to those who are so in need of His healing presence. Whether you feel led to give 50 pence or 500 pounds, please join with us in praying for God’s kingdom to come in our city and in the lives of everyone He brings to our doors.

God bless

Chris Mason
On behalf of the Leadership Team

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